My Story

Handmade jewelry

about me

My name is Ivana and I stand as a designer behind CLOUD NR9.

I grew up in a fanily of artists. My father was a sculptor, sister is a painter and my grandma used to sew beautiful clothes so I fel in love with art and fashion from very young age.

I had an idea of me becoming a fashion designer very early. Logical step was to choose School of Fine Arts, department painting, and later on I got a degree in fashion design on Faculty of Textile-Technology in Zagreb.

After graduation I won 1st prize in a fashion competition for young talents ‘’Split City Fashion’’with hand painted collection called ‘’MAGICAL WOMAN’’. My fashion collections and fashion illustrations always put woman in focus.

After becoming mom of two I wasn’t able to work in fashion fields in the same intensity as before and spontaneously in 2022 I made my first jewelry piece.

Now when I look back , It’s kind of strange I didn’t started jewelry design before because as with clothes and art objects, I always had deep passion and strong emotional bond with jewelry. One piece can take you back in time, evoke lost memories and feelings.

After I got to know different medias for jewelry making , I choosed polymer clay to sculpt my pieces.

Spontaneously I made a first woman silhouette in profile with bubblegum. That’s how the line ‘’BUBBLEGUM LADIES’’was born. The bubblegum that my womans have was a fun element for me, glimse of pop art.

By working my inspiration grew so I made different lines, inspired by Egypt, Punk movement and I made a cloud piece, inspired by my brand name.

My last line was inspired by artists I love such as Frida Kahlo, Dali and David Bowie.  So I devoloped line’’BUBBLEGUM GENTS’’. That line was the most challenging because I wanted for the characters to be recognizable but made in my signature style.

Process of working on each piece takes a lot of time and It starts with a sketch on a paper. Later on I put my sketch on polymer clay, I work with scalpel, I make contours for simetry for symmetry. Later on I made a story I am inspired by and I put colors based on my choosen design. After baking polymer clay I sand each piece and choose parts to put them together made from s.steel, Swarovski crystals, coral or pearls.

Because of the long term process of work and design I see each piece I made as a small piece of art that tells a story.

I saw that making jewelry gives me creative freedom, which, as a fashion designer and artist , was of a crutial essence. In future I would love to collaborate with stylist, fashion designers and magazines and more exclusive butiques.  I would also love to see my line inspired by artist on shelfs of some world famous museums such as V&A, P. Guggenheim museum in Venice etc.

I look forward to the future of my brand, because the truth is what they say-art is a jurney, not a destination!